Efficiency & Drones

It’s clear that commercial drone services can save businesses a good deal of money for their bottom line, but what about time? We touched on the subject a bit in our last post but efficiency is important for a business, especially larger enterprises, to have in order to maximize their gains and efforts. In many ways time can be more valuable for a business, as you can always make more money, but you can never make more time. Thus, working fast, accurately, and well can help you grab opportunity that comes in front of you.

1. Cut Down Inspection Time

For land intensive enterprises such as insurance, inspection, agriculture, and construction, drone inspection can cut down surveying by 98% in some cases. That means a company can inspect multiple sites much faster, or even all at once. And, land data and video can be archived for future referral. Making logging data and surveying a much less time intensive affair. And for other industries, like film and television it takes much less time to set up and film with a drone with semi-autonomous systems than set up rigs and cranes. That’s more time to get the shot just right, and moving on to the next scene in the production schedule.

2. Computer Vision

With some businesses today running on terabytes upon terabytes of data at the least it is that collection process that becomes the most time intensive, and thus also cost and action intensive. With a drone it can log and analyze patterns in the environment (such as rows in agriculture fields) and record that data for later use and export. This is all done for less cost than building large static recording infrastructure. It’s also much less time and cost intensive, and more accurate, than manual site inspection. And with the software being relatively cheap, you just need to hire the pilot and drone for the fly bys.

3. Decentralized Management

Centralization of command in a company makes things more efficient in the fact that decisions and data is processed and executed in one place. However, when a company has many farther away assets, it can be best to do inspection with independent contractors or local drone pilots to get video or photography of things like bridges, stations, and buildings so that decisions can be made more quickly. Now if you own a property in a city or town far away from you, you can check on the status of the building or site remotely with a local drone operator.

4. Quick Response

It’s not just companies who need efficiency to work well, but nonprofits or government organizations as well. In disaster, emergency, or critical situations drones can help these organization to receive a quick bird’s eye view to assess a situation quickly. That means more lives saved and quicker response coordination. And with licensed freelancers that workforce and response team can be deployed quickly and easily, or can add upon a drone team of your own.

Efficiency is not just a cost and convenience concern for businesses and organizations. It’s a matter of making the best use of your time. From staying on schedule, making quick and accurate decisions, or assessing an important situation drone services may be solution your company or organization needs. Stay tuned as next week we’ll talk about the very important topic of drone safety. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies!

-The Dronesperhour Team